• Boost your Smoothie! Add Energy, Slenderize it or Antioxidize it!
  • Better Food That's Better for ya! 
    Burgers don't have to be artery clogging to be good try our made from scratch BLACK BEAN, KALE or TURKEY Burger 
  • Grab Lunch to GO!
    With a Power Lunch Box

Specials this week!

Foodie Friday Entree:
Sliders (3 mini veggie or turkey burgers with Chips & Slaw

Fruit & Wine Sorbet
(blackberry pineapple)

Southbeach Smoothie

Organic Great Grains & Plum side Salad

Lentil Salad over Greens

Soups this Week: 8/29

Chicken & Vegetable
Black Bean
White Bean & Kale

 Hours: 8a-4p Monday - Friday, Saturday 9:00am - 3pm,  Sunday -CLOSED 

CLOSED ON Labor Day  -9/5

Quench Power Lunch Boxes 

Whether you're having a picnic for 1 soaking up some vitamin D on the trail or hitting the water
our lunch box has the perfect amounts of nutrition, hydration and energy! 

Choose from the
Appalachian Box-1/2 sandwich, side, water & fruit /cookie

Delaware- full sandwich, water, fruit /cookie

Door to Door Dinners - if you don't have time to shop for, chop and cook a nutritious dinner after a long day at work Door to Door Dinners is made for you!
the convenience and nutritional benefits of a personal chef for a fraction of the cost! Introductory offer:  $50 for 4 dinners plus ingredients.

CALL FOR DETAILS 570-872-9292


Sign up for our JuicyCleanse! its perfect for beginners or advance juicers

It's a 1, 3 or 5 day Cleanse of just Juice in 3 quarts of Juice (or 6 servings ) per day.
Help your body get rid of all the unwanted toxins with this great Cleanse.
Call for details....570 872 9292

Fuel Your Day @ Quench
Breakfast, Lunch or an Early  Dinner:
 Grab a breakfast wrap or a delicious bowl of oatmeal to start your morning. Then, try one of our deliciously unique Panini or taste why our home-made soups have been called "the best around".

You no longer have to choose between something quick or something healthy anymore….

EAT @ QUENCH A healthier way to EAT REAL food on the go. We start with real food, follow with healthful preparation and end with Quenchilicious Goodness that's good for you and fast and convenient.

The Quench Approach - The REAL Food Approach

Quench vs The Other Guys
Real Fruit
No Artificial Sweetners
No Artificial Flavor/Colors
Home-made Soup
Made to Order
Fresh Ingredients
Fillers, Emulsifiers
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Modified Food Starch

Canned Stuff
Frozen Bags