Lately, what food is and what it should be are very different. As a nation we’ve moved so far away from the source of our food it’s hard to tell what’s actual food and what’s synthetic food. At Quench we strive to avoid overly processed, chemically-engineered and synthetic foods. We provide healthful, natural, nutritious foods conveniently and affordably. We use produce and items that have been grown or made around our region whenever possible. Almost everything we provide to you is natural, made from scratch and prepared on premises. Everything we prepare is grilled or baked or roasted – never fried.

Our Menus

Smoothie Menu: All natural, real fruit, sweetened with honey and made to order, as a snack or a meal replacement. Quench Smoothies provide your daily allowance of fruit servings. Enhance your smoothie with flax, whey protein, acai, bee pollen or multi-vitamin, immune or energy booster supplements. Dairy and gluten free also available.
Juicy Classics Menu: Fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices provide your daily supply of vegetable servings. Try one of our delicious blends or create your own concoction. Wheatgrass- straight up or with a chaser. Grown on-site wheatgrass is cut and juiced just for you.
Panini Menu: Fresh herbs and vegetables, grilled chicken, grilled home-made turkey burgers and Black Bean Burgers both made from Scratch! And awesome local breads are just a few of the items that help to create the most unique, delicious tasting panini and sandwiches.
Soups & Salads: Made from scratch everyday taste why Quench Soups have been called "the best soup around". Take a quart home today. You will love our salads. We make all of our own dressings each one is available for purchase too
Breakfast Menu: Grab a healthy, quick breakfast on weekday mornings. Our breakfast wraps or breakfast smoothie will power you up for the rest of the day…or at least until lunchtime.
Take-Home Dinner Starters: Save yourself some time, pick up a Turkey Loaf or some eggplant parmesan (baked not fried, but delicious) for dinner and all you have to do is steam veggies or cook a little pasta and a nutritious dinner is on the table in minutes.
Holiday Pies: In keeping with our real food and fresh ingredients our Home-Made Holiday Pies are no exception. Real butter, not hydrogenated shortening, real apples not the canned syrup apples. Taste the difference! Pre-order your pie today. Quench Holiday pies make great gifts for co-workers or friends. It spares mom the hassle and it's a perfect hostess gift too!

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As a Quench Patron we know that real food is also important to you. You care about what you consume and how much of it you consume.

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Get a day's supply of fruit & veggies in 1 delicious fresh pressed juicy classic or in a real fruit, made to order smoothie