About Us

Quench was created by Jackie and Nicole DeFour in 2009 on Main Street in Stroudsburg PA. They became interested in wellness after Nicole's mom, Jackie fell ill and they turned to natural remedies to get her well, including Juicing.They both realized that the body has the abilit yto heal and function well based on proper nutrition.
Natural Fruit Drinks
With health concerns growing nationally they had the desire to share the important role of quality, nutritious food in creating and sustaining better health.

They had been working on the idea of Quench for almost a year and a half when Nicole became a part of the massive lay-offs in the banking industry in 2008. Even in the midst of the economic uncertainty, to them, there was no better time to launch Quench. They opened in what used to be a display window of a retail store and transformed 400sq feet of space into a tiny but cozy Juice & Smoothie Bar.

Later that same year Quench was forced to re-locate to East Stroudsburg due to a building fire. In 2011 they were back downtown! Quench is now happy to operate with a full kitchen and dining room and serves Breakfast, Lunch with a Full Service Juice Bar

A Healthy Choice

You no longer have to choose between something quick or something healthy anymore…

Healthy and Natural

EAT @ QUENCH A healthier way to do food on the go We start with real food, follow with healthful preparation and end with Quenchilicious Goodness that's good for you and fast and convenient